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Ropana Circle


1st TUESDAY of each Month at 4pm

Oct 4th | Nov 1st | Dec 6th

Existing Clients $0 | Newcomers Donation Based

This is our community open hour of fun, sharing & healing. A place where you can feel safe to share what is happening in your life or just to learn & grow your Spirit to Freedom. As a group we can come together assisting each other as we share, release and cleanse allowing for deep healing to occur on all levels.

We plan to hold these on the First Tuesday of Every Month. However, sometimes due to holidays or other we may change the day or time.

All subjects and Souls are welcome here. This is a place of Non-Judgement but a place of LOVE & SHARING. If you need healing in any area of your life, physically, mentally, or emotionally then allow yourself to open up and let it all go being supported as you release it all.

Ascension Cosmic energy is causing chaos right now creating upheavals & karmic density that we are all feeling. We will open to this and through Meditations, Sound, Breathwork or whatever may arise during these Ropana Gatherings assisting not only ourselves but the entire planetary energetics. The more we come together in Love n’Light the clearer we will all be.

Kundalini Yoga & Halo Salt Healing

w/Preeti Prakash Kaur

WEDNESDAYS at 5:30pm

October 5th | November 16th * | December 7th

$40 ~ 1hr 30mins

* SPECIAL combined Kirtan + Kundalini Class

Please join Preeti Prakash Kaur for these two powerful and rejuvenating Kundalini classes.

Through the technology of Kundalini Yoga, we will fine-tune and replenish our entire energy system. In this class, we will activate our Kundalini energy, also referred to as Shakti or Primal Force, and gain access to our radiant, clear, and more peaceful state of being. We can walk more confidently and help spread light and joy in our lives and the lives of others. Kundalini Yoga creates deep effects of balance, peace, grounded-ness, and clarity. The exercises cleanse our glandular system, regulate our nervous system, and balance our magnetic field.

You start this class inside the Inner Sanctum Salt Cave with the Medical Grade Himalayan Salt coming into the room allowing you to open & cleanse before you even start your Kundalini class with Preeti.

Preeti will guide you through the entire class, so no experience is necessary. All levels are welcome. Please come with an open mind and enjoy this special activation.

Please bring your own Yoga Mat & Water for this event.

Guided Healing Meditation

In the Inner Sanctum Salt Cave

 OCTOBER: Saturday 8th at 10am

NOVEMBER: Saturday 5th at 10:30am

DECEMBER: Thursday 22nd at 5:30pm

$35 ~ 60mins

A combination of Ascension Karuna Reiki® Energy + Guided Meditation + Voice Techniques + Dry Salt Therapy.

OCTOBER at 10am

Awakening To Your 5D Cosmic Higher Heart


Connecting To Lady Gaia To Remember Your Soul Purpose


Ascension Portal Activation Shifting Your Multidimensional Self Into 2023

Theses classes will take place in the Inner Sanctum Salt Cave where you will reap the benefits of breathing in Halotherapy Medical Grade Salt Particles to allow your body to open & release, receive all the yummy healing energy vibes..

Each meditation holds very different vibrational healing in which you can experience Activations, Awakenings, Astral Travel and more.... You do not need to be experienced in meditation, Nicky will guide you and hold space for you every step of the way.

'Guided Meditation' is used to describe the process of meditating under the guidance of an experienced teacher or practitioner. This guidance is essentially an audible or visual narration of the meditation process, which given in person is very powerful.

During this class you will be sitting or lying down on the Himalayan Salt as Nicky guides you to one of the Atlantean Healing Chambers where you will be able to release & heal on an Emotional, Mental, Physical & Soul Level. At the end of this experience you should feel completely relaxed, rejuvenated, balance and peaceful.

Kirtan Chanting

with Preeti Prakash Kaur

OCTOBER: Thursday 13th at 5:30pm

NOVEMBER: Wednesday 16th at 5:30pm $45 *

DECEMBER: Thursday 29th at 5:30pm

$40 ~ 1hr 30mins

*  SPECIAL combined Kirtan + Kundalini Class

Preeti's previous Kirtan class was such a success that we have decided to hold two more so we can chant together to connect with the divine that permeates throughout our universe.

This class will be held in the Inner Sanctum Salt Cave, which magnifies all of the benefits due to the Dry Salt Therapy that will cleanse you from the inside, out as you enjoy your Kirtan healing.

Kirtan is India’s ancient call-and-response style of singing or chanting. Kirtan stems from a Sanskrit root that means “to cut through,” and by singing kirtan, we cut through the veils of illusion that block us from feeling unity and connectedness with all beings. Kirtan allows us to connect to our hearts, through a sacred sound current. Singing or chanting in this way is sometimes referred to as “bhakti” yoga.

Preeti has been singing her whole life, and she is devoted to sharing the beautiful sound current of India, specifically pertaining to Kundalini Yoga. Each chant will revolve around a specific mantra; each mantra has a certain effect on our mind, body, and soul. It is a deep a transformative experience, and often lends to a sense of peace, openness, connection, and love.

We will be chanting in the salt cave, which magnifies the benefits of this experience. We can’t wait to see you there!